We take the letters in the name of United's opponents to cue some classic video clips:

C - Champions League

H - Hernandez

E - Ending Chelsea's reign

L - Luzhniki

S - Stamford Bridge

E - Eric

A - Abramovich


17/09/2011 13:05, Report by A Bostock & L Kane

Red Letters: Chelsea

C... h... e... l... s... e... a... the letters in the name of Sunday's visitors to Old Trafford provide plenty of cues - excuses, if you like - to show some classic action from United's games against them over the years.

Watch our free video and you'll see some memorable clips from European and domestic contests with the West London club, including a landmark goal scored by one of United's greatest-ever players and a red card that helped to ruin a Russian's night.

Hopefully our montage of memories will whet your appetite for this weekend's clash. Enjoy.

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