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United Archives: Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo was still maturing into the world-class talent he is today back in May, 2005.

In an exclusive interview with the official Manchester United magazine, the dazzling winger spoke honestly about his game and making his mark at Old Trafford.

How big a threat are Chelsea to the Reds' dominance?
United will continue to take on all teams in the coming years because we are an elite club, but the arrival of Roman Abramovich does mean Chelsea will be giving us more competition. You've also got to remember the threat from teams like Arsenal, Liverpool and Newcastle is not going to go away. The Premiership is getting stronger.

What are the differences between the Premiership and Champions League?
The key difference is the obvious one; that it's being contested by the best teams in Europe - the level of quality is higher as there is another calibre of opponent. I tried to play in the same way in the Champions League as I do in the Premiership. The games didn't always go in the way I would have liked them to, but my overriding aim is to help the team perform well and to contribute towards putting us in a position to win matches.

Tell us about that trick against Millwall in the FA Cup final...
That cross was pure instinct. I don't know how to explain the tricks; they're just a part of me. I don't work on any top secret ones in training. Things are the way they are. Ruud [van Nistelrooy] was given the Man of the Match award but he offered it to me and I accepted. Now I have it in the sitting room in my house in Manchester. It was a lovely gesture and I never thought he would do something like that. I was very grateful and he wanted me to accept it. It's one of the only trophies I have in Manchester as most of the others are in my house in Madeira.

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