30/04/2012 17:24, Report by Adam Marshall & Dan James
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United Archives: Ronaldo

Sir Alex thinks you'll be as good as Ronaldinho by the time you're 23 or 24 and you've improved because you go to ground less...
Perhaps it's true if the manager says I'm a better player this season because I don't play-act as much. Football in this country is more physical than it is in Portugal but, now I'm in my second season at the club, I know the way things are. I've adapted and I'm a superior player to when I arrived. I think you have to develop each year and, being at a big club like Manchester United, you are always learning things. That's what I'm trying to do. I'm integrated now into the English style of play and I think things will continue to improve naturally.

There have been times when your team-mates have seemed critical of you for not passing..
I react the same way to criticism as everybody else. Sometimes people may have a go at me for what I do on the pitch but there are other times when I might not like what they're doing either. We're all trying to do the same job and we have to work for the same cause. When things don't go well, we should support each other because that's the way great sides and great players are made.

Do you have a special bond with Wayne Rooney, as he's another prodigious young talent?
I haven't got anything special to say about Rooney, everybody already knows him. He's a great player with a great future ahead of him. There is no special connection between us because we are talented players. Everybody gets on quite well and I do with Wayne. It's always difficult coming to a big club because there are major expectations and losing isn't part of the culture - but big players have to cope with the pressure.

You let your emotions show during games. Is this because you are so passionate?
If I show more emotion than others, it's because I'm happy when I'm playing football. I'm not sure how much it has to do with my Latin temperament but playing football for me is synonymous with happiness and spectacle. That's what I try to show.

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