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United Archives: Solskjaer

In 1998, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer made the momentous decision to turn down a move to Tottenham after a fee was agreed with United.

The following year, he wrote himself forever into the club's folklore with his winner in the Champions League final against Bayern Munich. The ever-popular Norwegian was grilled by the official United magazine in the November before his Camp Nou heroics and it's our featured interview as we continue to peruse our archives.

How close were you to signing for Spurs? According to the papers on the day of the West Ham match, you already had...

Yes it was in the papers, but I never spoke to Spurs myself. My agent was talking to them, but I never felt like going down there. I wanted to try to stay at Man United.

Did it upset you that the club initially accepted the Spurs bid?

No, no, no. They accepted the fee if I wanted to go, but I didn’t want to. It all happened so quickly. It was in the press before I knew anything, but in the end it was all up to me and I decided to stay.

What put you off Spurs?

I don’t want to say that anything put me off Spurs. I just wanted to stay here. It’s the pride of playing for the best club in the country. I want to be part of that.

I understand you could have made £3 million straight away by signing for them...

Money is not my motive for playing football.

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