Wigan v United
Wednesday 11 April, 19:45 BST

"The unpredictability of football - and we've seen plenty evidence of that this season - tells us we mustn't get ahead of ourselves." - Martin Tyler, Sky Sports 

10/04/2012 17:06
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Pundits: Martin Tyler

ManUtd.com has assembled a team of experts to dissect the title race before each round of fixtures. This week, it's the turn again of Sky Sports commentator Martin Tyler to give us his thoughts...

So, another round of games have moved on over Easter and United are getting closer and closer. Everybody's doing their sums at the moment, trying to work out when it could all be over. But remember, Tottenham were going swimmingly and have hit a bad run. That can happen to teams.

That's where all the experience we've talked about before that the manager and his backroom staff have is vital. The supporters play their part, too. I'm sure the away end at Wigan will be full of United fans behind the left-hand goal as we look at it from the TV gantry and they'll make it like a home game. I thought Sir Alex's substitutions were excellent at Blackburn to turn around what could've been, at 0-0 on 80 minutes, a 1-0 loss. To win it 2-0 must have been seen by the team as a huge step.

I talked about that Blackburn game as being the most difficult game United had left outside of the derby itself and it proved that way. It'll be similar at Wigan as they embark on the same survival strategy. Blackburn worked very hard and pushed United all the way, but the best teams come through those situations and that will be the challenge again for United on Wednesday.

I've seen a bit of Wigan recently and they've got a way of playing that can be very successful for them. Playing three at the back gives them the chance to spring forward and the only thing they find hard to do is score enough goals to reward the quality of the approach play.

I saw them at Norwich recently and they probably deserved to win. It finished 1-1 but they had a great chance at the end of the match. I watched the game at Chelsea, too, and they played extremely well but didn't get the breaks. Wigan are very well organised and try to play and I'm sure United will know exactly what they have got to contend with. Wigan have a lot to play for and you can't under-estimate anybody who's

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