Best Celebration of the 20 Seasons

The Premier League's shortlist of ten includes these three Manchester United celebrations:

Sir Alex Ferguson and Brian Kidd
United vs Sheffield Wednesday, 1992/93

Lee Sharpe
United vs Arsenal, 1994/95

Eric Cantona
United vs Sunderland 1996/97

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26/04/2012 18:38, Report by A Bostock, S Bibby

PL Awards: Celebrations

To celebrate its 20th season, the Premier League is presenting awards in various categories - many of them featuring nominees from Manchester United, the competition's most successful club.

The shortlist for the Best Celebration of the 20 Seasons includes three famous scenes following goals scored by the Reds. One is the unforgettable occasion when Sir Alex Ferguson and Brian Kidd leapt onto the pitch after Steve Bruce's winning header in the home clash with Sheffield Wednesday in 1992/93. Then we have the much-mimicked moment when Lee Sharpe did 'an Elvis' by grabbing a corner flag as if it was a microphone stand in 1994/95. Thirdly and finally from United's point of view, there is Eric Cantona's iconic slow turn to take the acclaim for his glorious chip against Sunderland in 1996/97 - also shortlisted for Best Goal.

You can watch all three celebrations here on ManUtd.com and then, if you want any of them to win the award, vote for them at premierleague.com.

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