"It’s funny how football works. Ten days ago I was convinced the title race was over. Now it’s back on. Only just, mind you." - Neil Custis

19/04/2012 16:03
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Run-in Pundits: Neil Custis

Scholes’ decision to return from retirement. Things started to get a bit heated, there.

At City we’ve also had a lot to write about thanks to Carlos Tevez and Mario Balotelli – two players who, had they not been so disruptive, would have helped the Blues win many more points, in my opinion.

It’s not all been City, though. United have also contributed their fair share of highlights. The way they pulled themselves back into it – putting together a run of 10 wins from 11 games – was exceptional, particularly as it came at a time when many people thought it was beyond them and following that shock Champions League exit. That fightback has been equally as thrilling as some of City’s football.

Indeed, for a journalist based in Manchester, I can safely say this has been the most exciting title race I’ve written about. And even though United fans won't want to hear this, I just hope there’s life left in it right until the very end. As a neutral you always want the title race to go to the last day. Ideally, you also want five clubs at the bottom going into the last day facing the threat of relegation. Let's see what this season brings...

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