"We have a good mix of defenders at the club now; many of them bring different qualities to the side and that can only be a good problem for the manager. Competition is healthy."

- Gabriel Heinze, speaking in 2006

27/08/2012 09:57, Report by Adam Marshall
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different qualities to the side and that can only be a good problem for the manager. For the players, it is always good to know that there is someone else waiting to take his chance if it comes. Competition is healthy.

The competition at left-back is strong - three internationals...
It's something that should be looked at as a positive thing. It happens at the best teams in the world, you have many good players in the team that should be playing. The manager will always pick the player in form, so it keeps you on your toes.

Given the competition, do you see yourself playing at left-back or could you move into the centre?
I have always played in the centre for Argentina but, at this club, Mr Ferguson will decide where I play and I will not challenge or dispute his decisions. I will play in either position to the very best of my ability and give absolutely everything to the team.

You have built up a strong affinity with the United fans...
It's a strange and great feeling the way in which the United fans have taken to me.

All I can do is give my all, everything I can, on the pitch to show the gratitude I have for the love they have shown me.

Why do you think you have such a good rapport with them?
I don't know why, you would have to ask the fans themselves. I approach games with the attitude that, no matter if I am playing the best game of my career or the worst, the most important thing is to give my all. Maybe the fans see that and recognise I'm giving my best for the club.

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