07/12/2012 14:38, Report by Ben Hibbs
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Eric: Sir Alex is a genius

MUTV's two-part documentary on The King, Eric Cantona, provided plenty of insight into the great man's life and football career, as well as his love of United. Here are some of Cantona's quotable gems...

"Sir Alex is a genius"
“I really believe and feel that Alex Ferguson is a genius when it comes to football and the psychology of football. To take so many strong and different personalities and help them express themselves, it’s very difficult. To get players to express themselves and also play the part they have to play to help the team is unique. Nobody could have got more from his players than he did.”

“I played against City. We won most of the time. I scored most of the time.”
“It is a great rivalry. I played against City. We won most of the time. I scored most of the time. United were confident, more arrogant sometimes, particularly against your rival. And even if you weren’t arrogant you wanted to show them you were because you wanted to hurt them.”

"Each and every goal is different, and special"
“I never thought before a game how I would enjoy a goal. Now you see players with something written on their t-shirt underneath their club shirt, they know how they’re going to react before they’ve even scored. But scoring a goal is so strong - you can’t react to each goal the same way every time. Each and every goal is different, special.”

“I was very proud to wear Robson’s no.7 shirt”
“The season I arrived Robson was wearing [the no.7 shirt] and we won the league. The year after they gave me

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