01/12/2012 08:00, Report by Gemma Thompson

Eric and Me: Eamonn Holmes

TV presenter and lifelong Red Eamonn Holmes on the magic of King Eric…

I remember being determined to make sure I never forgot how it felt to watch Eric Cantona in action. I was lucky enough to see my hero George Best play a handful of times, but I was too young to appreciate what I was seeing.

I remember being at a game with my kids one time and I turned to them and said: ‘If you remember nothing else about this day, then remember you saw Eric Cantona play.’ But Eric didn’t just play, he performed. He was the master showman and our talisman. He was mercurial, confident and just incredible to watch. And in United and Sir Alex he found the perfect stage and the perfect manager.

There’s a lot to be said for trusting people and letting them conduct proceedings in the way they want. Alex knew Eric had the skill and the vision to create something special and that’s exactly what he did. Even just hearing Eric’s name sends a tingle up my spine, even now. Will we ever see his like again? I hope so but I doubt so. I always remember when he left us him saying that it had been a beautiful journey – well, if it was for him, it was doubly so for all of us who had the great pleasure of watching him. What a man he was.


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