07/12/2012 08:50, Report by Gemma Thompson
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Eric: United perfect for me

During his recent visit to Manchester for Sir Alex Ferguson’s statue unveiling, Eric sat down with Inside United to reflect on his “perfect” relationship with the Reds some 20 years on from his arrival at Old Trafford…

“It feels like only yesterday”
Ah, I know it’s been 20 years. In 20 years’ time I will be 66 – the years have gone so fast so I am a bit worried! [Laughs] I hope the next 20 years will be as strong as the last ones I have lived including my time here and the different things I have done. I have had some great times. I spent some great years here. I was never bored so time went quickly, so, yes, it feels like it was only yesterday.

“This club was even more than I could have imagined”
Sometimes you live in your own ideas [and imagine how a place will be] and it’s not really the truth, but this club was even more than I could have imagined. When you walk into the dressing room, all the energy of the past is so strong. You cannot imagine that before [you join], it's just something you feel when you are here. That energy helped me to give everything I could here for five years.

“Alex Ferguson helped me play in the best position for me”
It was perfect [at United]. [With] all kinds of strong relationships, in football, in life, in love, it’s all about your disposition. I think happiness is all about disposition. And after that we have to work together and Alex Ferguson helped me a lot. He helped me to play in the best position for me.

“I am so lucky to be loved by the people I love so much”
It’s always a great feeling when I come back and I still have all my memories [of my career at United]. To hear the fans singing some beautiful old songs from the years when I was a player…I take it as a privilege. I am so lucky to be loved by the people I love so much.

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