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Cantona interview: May 2004

In May 2004, Eric met with ManUtd.com to answer fans’ questions on his time as Red. Here’s part one of the interview…

What can you remember about the day you signed for Manchester United? (Tom Clayton, Glossop)
You are never sure how will it will turn out. I had had some good moments at Leeds, some others not so good. There were so many good players here that I wasn’t sure whether I would be in the team. I had my chance and I tried to give my best game after game.

What made you fall in love with Manchester United - Sir Alex, the fans, the club or something else? (Andrew Hayward, Wolverhampton)
It was everything; all the players I had around me, the manager of course, the fans and the whole feel of the club. It’s something you can’t see, but you sense there is something special, something positive, about the club. I am very sensitive to this type of thing – why, I don’t know. The success certainly helps as well. To win things you need a good spirit among the players and the club. We had that. But winning makes it far easier - it makes it more beautiful when you are successful like we were.

If you had the chance to relive one game of your United career, which one would it be and why? (Kirstie Seymour, Bristol)
[Pauses] …the one against Sheffield Wednesday here in 1993, just before the first title. Steve Bruce scored twice in the last few minutes and we won. We put pressure on them; sometimes you hit the post, or you miss. This time we scored two goals and won the league. Sometimes luck goes your way, and sometimes it doesn’t – that makes it all the more important to give everything you have, every time.

Why was that game in particular so special for you?
Because it was the first league title in 26 years for Manchester United. I remember the goals came right at the end of the game, the weather was beautiful; it was a great day.

Do you think the impact you had at United inspired more overseas players, especially French players, to come and play in the Premiership? (Tam, Thornhill)
It’s not for me to say this kind of thing. I think you should question the French players, or the foreign players. Nobody helped me because I was the first one!

I’ve heard that you used to wear the

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