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Cantona interview: Sept 96

You said in the BBC interview that you believe you could play against 11 players and win.
I believe in myself. Sometimes it’s crazy; if I find a bicycle then I think I can beat Chris Boardman’s one-hour record. If someone says to me: ‘Get on the bicycle, beat the world record’, I say: ‘OK, I’ve got a chance’. It’s crazy, I know.

Will you play me at squash tomorrow?
Are you good enough?

So you’re optimistic and you believe you can do anything. But do you ever doubt?
No. Not until the end, when I know I haven’t won.

And then it’s hard to lose?
Yes. I don’t want to lose. I don’t like to lose. No, never.

Do you ever think about when it will all end? In five years’ time it’s going to be difficult to carry on playing at the very top level. Do you worry about that?
No. I think that Manchester United will be my last club. I don’t want to be a player who leaves a big club to play in the lower divisions. I would prefer to play with my friends in the street.

When you stop playing, will you stay in football?
If I feel I’ve got something to give to football – something else, something new, a new tactic – I will continue. I want to be a creator. When I do something it is to create something. I don’t want to be like any other manager. They are all different and they have all given something to football. Not all, a few. I want to be like them when they started. If it’s to give something new, then yes, I want to be a manager. I’m talking about management, but I’m only 30 years old and at the moment I am very happy as a player.

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