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Cantona interview: Sept 96

to the future. We have great players in a great team. Sometimes a small team can win something and then after that they never win anything else because they are happy with what they have got. But we want something else, always something more. We are never happy with what we’ve got.

There are new players in the squad; how are they fitting in?
Very well. They are very nice. They have everything to prove like everyone else, every time, in every game. But we are very confident in them because they are good players.

You spoke to Des Lynam before the FA Cup. Why did you feel it was time to speak [to the English media for the first time since the incident at Selhurst Park]?
I didn’t want to speak before we had won anything because so many bad things had been said about me, some of which I deserved, some of which I don’t think I deserved. Some people wanted me to explain or say something that would help. I thought the best answer to give was to win something, to win the Premiership. After we won something I could talk about something other than the incident – about the Championship. It was another life. Not because I didn’t want to speak about the incident, but because the best answer I could give was to win something.

Actions speak louder than words?
Ah yes, I know that saying. That is exactly right.

You said in the BBC interview that you believe you could play against 11 players and win.
I believe in myself. Sometimes it’s crazy; if I find a bicycle then I think I can beat Chris Boardman’s one-hour record. If someone says to me: ‘Get on the bicycle, beat the world record’, I say: ‘OK, I’ve got a chance’. It’s crazy, I know.

Will you play me at squash tomorrow?
Are you good enough?

So you’re optimistic and you believe you can do anything. But do you ever doubt?
No. Not until the end, when I know I haven’t won.

And then it’s hard to lose?
Yes. I don’t want to lose. I don’t like to lose. No, never.

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