09/12/2012 13:39, Report by Adam Marshall

Focus on... Robbie Brady

MUTV's regular feature on United's younger players puts

Robbie Brady

under the spotlight...

How did you start?
With my dad and brothers. There are a lot of brothers in the family and my bigger brother was a good footballer as well. I think it just runs in the family. There was a big influence from my dad when I was a kid.

First team played for?
St Kevin's Boys. I didn't play for anyone else until I moved to United.

Signed for United..
I trialled a good number of times before 14 or 15 and I think I got along great with the lads when I came over and the coaching staff were great too. I just knew where I wanted to be so it's just as well I've ended up here.

Who were your idols?
Ryan Giggs as a kid. I looked up to the way he played and still do.

Biggest inspiration..
Just the game itself. I've always loved it. I was influenced by my dad and brothers but just love the game.

Biggest achievement..
My two debuts - the one for United and my international debut for Republic of Ireland. It's always great to play for your

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Robbie Brady

Age: 20

Born: Dublin

Position: Winger

Currently on loan at Hull City