FIFA Puskas (World Goal of the Year) Award

The original 10-strong shortlist for 2011 has now been whittled down to these three:

Wayne Rooney - United, vs Man City
Lionel Messi - Barcelona, vs Arsenal
Neymar - Santos, vs Flamengo

To see all the goals and vote for the best, visit the Ballon D'Or section of FIFA.com.

06/01/2012 16:23, Report by J Perry, A Bostock

World goal of the year

It decided the Manchester derby, it helped propel United towards the 19th league title, it was named Goal of the Season on ManUtd.com... now could Wayne Rooney's spectacular overhead kick win FIFA's Goal of the Year award for 2011?

The FIFA Puskas Award - to use its official title - is named after Hungary and Real Madrid legend Ferenc Puskas, himself no slouch when it came to scoring in eye-catching style. Conceived in 2009, the award's aim - according to FIFA.com - is to identify the greatest worldwide goal of the calendar year based on "its aesthetic quality and the importance of the match in which it was scored, as well as the absence of luck or mistakes by the opposing team."

As you can see again in our free video, Rooney's derby winner ticks all the boxes but will fans vote it first above the great goals scored by Neymar and Lionel Messi? The FIFA Football Committee's original shortlist of 10 has now been reduced to three, with the winner being announced at the FIFA Ballon d’Or Gala 2011 on Monday, 9 January 2012.

To cast your vote, visit the Ballon d'Or section on FIFA.com .


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