"As a goalkeeper, it's part of your job to make saves so I don't really like to go on about it. It's just something I should be doing."

- Fabien Barthez, United Review

07/07/2012 10:00, Report by Adam Marshall
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save in the World Cup final against Brazil and one against Italy in the European Championship, when Alessandro Del Piero went through one-on-one in added time and I managed to keep him out. As a goalkeeper, it's part of your job to make saves so I don't really like to go on about it. It's just something I should be doing.

United are well covered in the goalkeeping department now. Can you describe the different styles and attributes of Ricardo and Roy Carroll?
I think Roy's really come on in the last two years - in various aspects of his game - his positioning, how he comes out to catch the ball, even down to his kicking. When he's been called upon, he's proved he has what it takes to perform in the important matches. On the other hand, Ricardo's style is different. He's more of a dynamic, explosive type of player - very different to Roy's style of play. I think one of the reasons we're making so much progress is because the three of us are working well together. They are both great people to work with. We work very hard in training but can also have a laugh together, which helps.

Will you see out your career with United?
I can certainly see myself staying until the end of my contract. I don't really have any plans after I've finished playing. You have enough time to think about the future in the future - I'm getting as much as I can out of the present.

You played up front in the Singapore pre-season friendly in 2001. Are you a frustrated outfield player at heart?
Not really but whenever I get the chance, I like to play outfield. It doesn't happen very often though.

Do you think being good on the ball and playing outfield can help you as a goalkeeper?
Sure. It definitely helps in the modern game. Probably more so because of the changes in the law with the no back-pass rule.

Your father was a rugby player. Did you ever think of following in his footsteps?
No, I didn't. But it's true to say I never dreamt that I would become a professional footballer either. As a youngster, I just enjoyed spending my time playing football. It was never something that really crossed my

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