"The first season is always the most difficult. He has been through lots of firsts and we know he'll be better prepared in terms of the second time."

- Eric Steele on David Gea, MUTV

27/07/2012 11:04, Report by Adam Marshall
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Steele analyses De Gea's year

training and his attitude off the field."

The Spaniard had to contend with a number of issues when sealing his move, including finding a new property and learning the language and was thrown in at the deep end against local rivals Manchester City in the Community Shield.

"It wasn't what the manager and I expected and the rest of the staff," added Steele. "We knew it would be a gradual process and would've liked to dip him in and out a bit more but we couldn't do that.

"It doesn't do any harm coming out of the firing line, set aside and look and reflect. He'd never had his game analysed like we try and help him. I'm not going along with the bandwagon theory as some of his performances in the first three or four months were still exceptional.

"There are that many different firsts he had to contend with, number one if you make an error at Old Trafford, how do you react? So his mistake management was brilliant as it didn't affect him. The next thing is to go to the biggest grounds and play, and contend with The Kop.

"You don't beat Arsenal 8-2 without his penalty save at 1-0 and the save just after half time at 2-1 from Robin van Persie, who could have had a hat-trick that day. There was the performance at Liverpool as well, with the save from Jordan Henderson in the last minute.

"Yes, there were errors but where the manager comes into his own is he has great faith in young players and all he did was reinforce the good with him. David also knew he had to appreciate very quickly that there was a challenge from Anders and he wasn't an automatic choice. Lindegaard helped David to a point as he was growing all the time during that spell and was ready to take the spot."

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