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Ferdinand's tour essentials

United defender Rio Ferdinand has been there, done that and worn the t-shirt when it comes to summer tours with the Reds, having joined the club 10 years ago. We caught up with him to fire a few pre-season questions his way...

What's your favourite thing about pre-season tours?
Just being able to travel to different countries and getting to see other parts of the world. I love trying new food as well.

Is there one city that stands out from all those you've visited?
It's hard to pick one because there are memorable things about all of them. I remember Chicago for being up early most mornings and going to the local coffee shop because the jetlag was so bad! It's probably the worst jetlag I've ever had - we were waking up at random times in the middle of the night and would just go for a walk near the hotel. Korea is another fantastic place to visit, China's enjoyable and I like going to South Africa.

What's the best tour match you've been involved in?
The game that sticks out is when Ruud [van Nistelrooy] scored an unbelievable volley at the Giants Stadium in New York against Juventus [in 2003]. It was a great goal.

What are the three essential items you take on tour?
My phone... my iPad for music, movies, games and Skypeing my family... and my PSP Vita.

What are you reading, watching and listening to on tour?
I've just finished reading a book called Marching Powder and I'm now reading a similar book, which is about prisons. I'm watching This is England again after meeting one of the actors - I want to see which role they play. I'm listening to random songs on my iPad - I downloaded lots of songs before we left.

Who's the best player to sit next to on the plane - and who do you avoid?
I always sit next to Michael Carrick. We just

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