03/06/2012 10:40, Report by Adam Marshall & Dan James
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Fabien doesn't have to show me around!

Has he told you good things about the club?
I think he only tells me the good things [laughs]. Seriously, he's told me many good things about the club and the manager. But the really main thing is to get good results and I hope that is what we will get over the next year. That's the important thing.

Will having him behind you help you settle?
It will help a lot to have Fabien playing behind me because I understand how he plays and Fabien understands how I play. But it isn't just about Fabien Barthez and Laurent Blanc, it's about all the players at the back. We need a good atmosphere and an affinity. I need to settle quickly and build an understanding with the other defenders. The main thing is to be compact.

How will you settle into the English game?
There are differences between here and the continent. The English game is quite individualistic - it is slightly more direct than in Italy and Spain. I'm looking forward to finding out in more detail.

Has the manager spoken to you about what he wants you to bring to the team?
Yes, we spoke briefly and he said he just wants me to help the defenders operate more efficiently. He's told me that we have a lot of young defenders - he didn't mean me [laughs] - and that he wants me to help them build an understanding. I hope I can bring my experience to them.

People have criticised the defence this season. Are you confident you can help them settle?
People are criticising the defence because they are conceding goals but it is up to the whole team to stop the opposition scoring. If you are letting in goals, you don't have to blame the goalkeeper or defenders because everybody is part of the team and has to help. When a defence plays with confidence, they are very strong. When they don't play with confidence, they let in goals. It's nothing to do with age, everyone has something to say and something

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