03/06/2012 10:40, Report by Adam Marshall & Dan James
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stress is that, despite my age and it being the final year of my career, I'm pleased to be here and confident I can do well.

So have you definitely decided what you are going to do at the end of the season?
I'll stop. I'll retire. I've decided I'll stop playing at the end of the year but I'm trying to focus on now and what happens this season. I may stay in football and I'm thinking about coaching.

Was the possibility of winning the European Cup for the first time a motivation behind you coming here for your final year as a player?
It was a motivation but not the only one. Which footballer wouldn't have that motivation at any point in his career? That's great if you get that chance to achieve that goal.

What would be the perfect end to your career?
People have spoken about the Champions League but it is also important to win the English League. To win the Champions League would be fantastic for me and the club but you have to focus on the Premiership because the supporters follow the team all over the country. You have to repay them for their loyalty and make sure we remain the best team in England.

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