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United Archives: Rossi

What are the main differences between Italian and English games from a striker's point of view?
The pace during matches and the physical side of the game is a lot less intense in Italy compared to England. I've learned a lot about the tactical side of the game during my time at Parma - that's a major part of the set-up over here, both in training and during matches. It's something we spend a lot of time working on because you come up against some very good technical players over here. I'm not saying players aren't technically gifted in England - you only have to look at United's team to see the ability and skill the players have - but Italian players are particularly strong in that area.

Which areas of your game have you specifically been working on improving over the past eight months?
Nothing in particular, I just want to improve everything both from a technical aspect and a tactical one. Of course, when you go out on loan, the main objective is to try and get as much experience as possible at the top level. I want to come back to United not as the kid in the Reserves who makes the step up but as a player fully involved in the senior squad.

What did you take away from your loan spell at Newcastle?
Everything you do in life is an experience, even if it's not all positive. Of course I would have liked to have played more games but the few

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Azzurri Ace

"You always have to be confident in your own ability and I am. I really hope I can make my mark next season."

- Giuseppe Rossi, speaking in 2007

Professional Career:
Manchester United (2005-2007)
Newcastle United - loan (2006)
Parma - loan (2007)
Villarreal  (2007-)



Premier League