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Archives: Juan Seba Veron

someone else's role at the club. Roy was, is and always will be a figurehead for this club, someone whose name will be etched in the history of Manchester United. So I'm not stepping into that role. I play where the manager puts me. Anyway, sometimes he may put Paul [Scholes] in the middle and I'll be elsewhere. I'd much rather have Roy in the team.

Do you prefer playing in the Champions League to the Premiership, where you get less time on the ball?
I like playing in both. I don't have any problems with one or the other. On the European stage, you have international players playing for teams all around the continent so that gives an added interest. But then again, a lot of foreign players play in the Premiership too, so both competitions have got their own attractions. I have no preference for either one.

Look out for another classic interview from the United archives next weekend.

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