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Archives: Roy Keane

Our look back through the official club magazine's archives continues with an exclusive interview from the start of the 1993/94 season with Roy Keane - then a new signing.

Manchester United had won the chase to sign the Nottingham Forest firebrand Roy Keane, one of the most promising midfielders to emerge for many a year. Here he shares his thoughts on the transfer and getting into the team and reveals how close he came to signing for Kenny Dalglish's Blackburn...

Your transfer was a long, drawn-out procedure. Did you, at any time, doubt that you would end up at Old Trafford?
No, not really. United were the last club that I spoke to, but when we finally got together, I knew that this was the club I wanted to join. I'd already had talks with Kenny Dalglish at Blackburn but, in my heart, it was Manchester United who I wanted to play for.

There must have been some moments of uncertainty...
I admit that I did shake hands with Kenny Dalglish but I had always said that I was going to keep my options open and I never fully committed myself to Blackburn. After Nottingham Forest were relegated, I had set my heart on coming to United but, even so, I decided to keep my options open and have talks with Blackburn. Obviously I was really pleased when United finally made their move. Once I had

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Keane on Keane

I'm easy-going, happy-go-lucky. Nothing really bothers me.

I just try to keep out of the limelight. I don't want to be like Gazza.

I hate losing in training. I'm always arguing, having a go at everybody. I take my job very seriously.

Only three summers ago, I was in my local pub cheering the Republic of Ireland on in the World Cup. Now I'm playing with them. Fantastic!

Goalscoring is something you can't teach a player.

I'm not the most skilful of players. I just work hard on my game and play to my strengths.


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