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United Archives: Cole

In March 1997, Andy Cole gave a very frank and revealing interview about life at United.

The striker had been suffering from criticism in the press, pneumonia and two broken legs but was plugging away to prove his worth following his record move from Newcastle.

How has it been for you this season, getting pneumonia and then breaking your legs?
Very, very frustrating. To get pneumonia, recover from it and get my fitness back, only to break my ankle, was terrible.

Was the pneumonia serious?
Yes! It was the real thing, full-blown. I don't know how I got it in the middle of summer, neither does the doctor. Just really bad luck.

How did you deal with your broken legs?
It was really, really disappointing. To watch the other lads playing in the Champions League was tough. I sat there thinking: 'I can't wait for a bit of that'. It was a real bummer.

Have you had any contact with Neil Ruddock since the incident?

How do you feel about him now?
Exactly the same way I did when it happened. Nothing has changed at all.

Do you think your attitude is more relaxed this season?
Definitely. It was hard when I first came here because it was for a lot of money and, when we lost the championship to Blackburn, people said we lost because Andy Cole didn't score enough goals, which really disappointed me. I thought: What a load of rubbish.

United were in a position to win the league because of your goals...
Exactly and so I was upset by all the criticism. The same happened last season so I've said to myself, if you can't do enough to please them, do enough to please yourself. And

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