Sunday 6 May:
Newcastle v City, 13.30 BST
United v Swansea, 16.00 BST

"We'll all be glued to it. I have to say there's been amazing events in the 20 Premier League seasons but this has the potential to top the lot really."
- Martin Tyler, Sky Sports
04/05/2012 13:41
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The pundits: Martin Tyler

ManUtd.com has assembled a team of experts to dissect the title race before each round of fixtures. It's the turn again of Sky Sports commentator Martin Tyler to give us his impartial thoughts on the penultimate weekend...

I think this is a season where you cannot write anything off as a given because we've constantly been amazed at the results. Results that should have been straightforward have been anything but on the pitch.

Despite the fact City and United have a large number of points and the title's been won in previous years with less points than they've got at the moment, it's still been very close in terms of the abilities of the teams. Wigan can beat United, Swansea defeated Manchester City, Norwich can go to Tottenham and win... It's been that kind of season and it's joyous. As a neutral, it's wonderful to behold.

I don't think there are any formalities - even in the middle of the season there have not been formalities and we know, at the end, incentive can make strange things happen. There are so many factors. Even if both teams win their games with the same results, Manchester City have got to make sure they match whatever United do at Sunderland.

I wasn't disappointed in the derby last Monday. It was a gripping, compelling game and was always one kick away from a massive twist to the story. A United goal was always possible until the final whistle as they have a well-deserved reputation for scoring late in games. When you think it over, perhaps there weren't enough shots or goalmouth incidents for it to be deemed a great game but, as an occasion, it was huge and I must say the tactical battle was fascinating... for me, anyway.

I did think City deserved to win and United would've wanted to have given more on the night but you can't say they didn't try. Funnily enough, United started best and it looked as though the occasion may be too much for City. But there were fine margins between two very capable teams. We are talking about one corner, one slight defensive misjudgement and a fine header to lead to where we are today.

I finished the game in commentary by saying the fight goes on. If United hadn't lost, it would've been more conclusive in their favour. But the fact is, they did lose. Yet I think it'll be very hard for City at Newcastle, although it's in their favour the Magpies played on a very sticky un-Premier

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