20/11/2012 12:57,

Eric and Me: Barney Chilton

Red News editor Barney Chilton writes our first daily mini-blog in tribute to Eric...

We all have a favourite Eric moment. Mine is obvious: the Wembley goal, struck through a sea of pale Liverpool shirts matching their suits in 1996's FA Cup final - beating Ian Rush's nose was a feat in itself. It was a signal that the tables really had turned. Pure ecstasy.

I remember another moment just as clearly. It was after Eric played in a beach football tournament, long after his United time. Scores of Reds with long memories queued outside for a glimpse as Eric left the subbuteo-like stadium in Brighton. He stayed for an hour to sign autographs.

Eric had that aura true greats possess. He knew it. We knew it. We loved him for it. He didn't walk away. He stayed to take the applause and make his mark. Giving just a moment to an adoring fan means that Red never forgets the encounter. It's a touch of class. He did it with a swagger we'd long been missing. Collar up, chest out. Our Eric. Made for each other. So, together we had the time of our lives. What's your moment?


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