27/11/2012 08:00,

Eric and Me: Musa Okwonga

United fan and poet Musa Okwonga penned this tribute to Eric: Cantona's Collar...

I'm everywhere that Eric is -
His shirts, I crown -
And, like excessive volume,
Some would turn me down.

I'm white iron, defiant from my toes to tip,
Yes, I am France's most famous cliff
And Eric's two-point plan for winning a derby
Is: number one, lace boots; then, two:
Starch me.

I've seen umpteen glorious battle-scenes;
Look, I am football's Bayeux Tapestry -
And for those who say of me "whoa, he's arrogant"
I have two words:
"Trophy cabinet."

'Cantona's Collar', written and performed by Musa Okwonga (Find Musa on twitter: @okwonga), filmed by Jon D Barker (@MidTeaTweet) 


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