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Cantona interview: Feb 93

Issue two of the official magazine, Manchester United, had a major scoop: an Eric Cantona interview just months after a shock move from title rivals Leeds...

People said you left Leeds because of personal difficulties with other players...
Is there a single player who has said a word against me? No. The press writes a load of nonsense about me - my name is always associated with scandal. At the moment, the slightest move I make is rubbished by the media.

Surely not. In football terms no-one doubts your ability...
Sure. But I haven't just been playing football since yesterday, you know. I've been around. I know the way the press deals with people in the public eye. What they know, they make public; what they don't know, they make up! People who go to a match can see what goes on on the pitch and, on the whole, they agree about it. It's pretty straightforward. But when reporters are asked to comment on things off the pitch, things they haven't seen, things they know nothing about, they invent stuff and build an image which isn't true.

This is the opportunity to put the record straight, then. Was there a bust-up with Howard Wilkinson? Are you bitter about what went on at Leeds?
Not at all. I left Leeds because it was time to move on. That's all.

But you keep changing clubs. People wonder why.
I leave when I need to change. It's like being with a woman. If you get to the point when you've got nothing left to say to her, you leave. Or else you stop being good. That's what I can't stand - I've got to be good at what I do. As soon as I start getting bored at a club, I know something's wrong. It's the way I am.

How long do you intend to stay at United?
As long as I'm happy and as long as people are happy with me. For the time being, I'm fine. It's one of the most famous clubs in the world. It's wonderful to be here.

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