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Cantona interview: Feb 93

What if you don't get picked regularly?
I'd be upset. Who wouldn't? I want this team to win but I want them to do it with me. A victory without me would be a hollow victory.

Are professional relationships with players important?
Of course. Football is a team game. You can only be successful if you play as a team. A football team is not 11 players, it's one.

Aren't there particular players you especially respect, or dislike at United?
No. I respect my club. I respect my team. I respect them all. They're all good players. Since I started playing, my main interest has been in playing as a team. The day 11 players play as one, they'll be unbeatable. That's football. My aim isn't to score more goals than my opposite number, but to play in the team that scores the most goals. That's what football's about. If I thought personal glory was more important than team glory, I'd have taken up an individual sport. As it is, if I play well but the team loses, I'm gutted.

What would you do if you couldn't play football?
I'd burn my life out as quickly as possible. That's what I'd like to do. As intensely as possible. I have no time for longevity. Living fast and hard, that's what interests me.

The professional life of a footballer is short. Does that appeal?
If I wanted to carry on playing and couldn't, I'd be upset. It would all seem far too short. But, if I go on playing and get bored, it would all seem to have gone on too long. For the time being, I'm happy doing what I do.

How do you rate the present United side compared with other teams?
That's so obvious, it's not worth saying.

So do you think you'll win the league?
Winning the championship is difficult, especially in England. We've got a good chance but I won't say more, I'm superstitious about it. Let's

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