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Eric interview: March 93


You have an interest in poetry, and especially in the poetry of Rimbaud. You've even been compared to him…
I admire Rimbaud. But I also admire lots of other poets and artists. In particular Jim Morrison. Because of his spontaneity. Because of his sense of adventure. Because he was an avant-gardist.

Are you an avant-gardist in football?
No. You can't be an avant-gardist in football. It's a team game. A team can be avant-gardist; like Ajax at a certain stage.

Would you like to play in an avant-gardist team?
There are very few of them. The main thing is to play in a team that wins.

What is the greatest quality you bring to Manchester United?
I bring what I am. You all know what I am. That's what I bring to the club!

Do you ever doubt your ability as a player? Before a match, perhaps?
Everyone doubts. We all need to doubt. If you don't doubt you can't prepare yourself for what will happen. Being successful requires a lot of different ingredients – confidence is one of them. But doubt and fear are important too. You have to conquer your doubts, and so far I have been able to do so; but you still have to have doubts in the first place.

Could you ever have been a defender?
No. I'm an attacking player, it's in my nature. But I admire good defenders – when they're on my side!

Are there any defenders you're frightened of?
I'm afraid of everyone and no-one.

Some players transcend the norm. They seem to have that little bit extra, that certain magic on the field…
A good side has to have at least one or two of those…

Are there players like that at Manchester United?
I'd say Mark Hughes has something special.

Is that something you'd like to have?
I'd like to have it all.

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