"This was exciting news. Genuinely exciting news. Immediately, my mind processed thoughts of how this technically gifted forward would fit into the United style and link with the existing stars."

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26/11/2012 11:12, Report by Adam Marshall
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Blog: A moment in time

Seismic events stick in the memory forever in terms of the ability to recall where you were the exact moment you heard the news.

Whether it's JFK being assassinated or man landing on the moon for the elder generation or the Twin Towers tragedy for those much younger, there are incidents that appear frozen in time as you can instantly be transported back to that date and time.

For those now constantly glued to Twitter, Facebook, the Internet and Sky Sports News, the idea that word of mouth would pass on the biggest of stories probably seems dreadfully antiquated. Yet that is how things were back on 26 November 1992, when I was at the University and certainly more focused on United's striking problems than my Sociology degree.

I'd had an early start in the morning - well, early for a student; it was probably only a 9am lecture - and had just made the long walk to the campus when I bumped into one of my flat-mates, a Liverpool fan. He immediately asked me if I'd heard the news but I was totally in the dark.

"United have signed a striker," he revealed. "Guess who it is."

I could hardly conceal my excitement. Alex Ferguson had been in need of a new goalscorer for some time following Dion Dublin's injury and losing out to Blackburn for Alan Shearer. Inevitably, numerous names had been linked in the media and I swiftly enquired if it was David Hirst.

Sheffield Wednesday had gone public with their rejection of a £3.5million bid for their old-fashioned centre-forward, who seemed to have the annoying habit of always scoring against United - something Les Ferdinand was also able to master. In fact, I remember being so angry when he netted a winner in a match on my very first weekend at University that I kicked a wall in frustration and ruined a pair of trainers as a result.

No, it wasn't Hirst. Darko Pancev was one of the most prolific marksmen in Europe and would have been an attractive acquisition. No, not him either. Dennis Bergkamp was another of the continental hitmen who had been mentioned in the papers. "Nope," my pal retorted. "I'll give you a clue - he plays for Leeds."

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