"Cantona looks the business but, in my opinion, he's a flashy foreigner. He'll score two goals for United.. when they are two up. But don't look for him to get in there when it hurts or to decide a game and be a matchwinner."


29/11/2012 12:21, Report by Adam Marshall
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Oooh-Arrgh Cantona

"Alan Shearer was his man. Should have been and Fergie is now getting stick from the fans for missing him. He has to expect it and now he is forced to go clutching at straws. If United win the League, then it will prove to be the best buy of all.. but if they don't..."

Hindsight is always a wonderful thing but at least there was some glimpse into the future with that final line. Elsewhere, the jury was out although Norman Fox of The Independent suggested it may have been better if Cantona had joined United instead of Leeds in the first place.

"Patience is not one of Cantona's strong points," wrote Fox. "He walked out on French football, the French team and several French clubs. He also walked out on Sheffield Wednesday when they wanted him to submit to an extended trial period (he said it was an insult and, briefly, he hated everything about Britain). 

"His skills are not in dispute but his commitment to fierce, predominantly long-ball football is somewhat short of that expected in a traditional English club. In fact, it might have been better if he had gone to Manchester United in the first place. United's football is, in theory at least, more in line with his own, but the question is whether now that he has got his man, Ferguson will know how to use him. 

"Clearly, he has not rescued Cantona from the Leeds bench to leave him on another, but his dilemma now must be whether he can plan for the long term with someone who can so quickly become disenchanted. Manchester United fans have always had a great affection for audacious goalscorers such as Denis Law and likeable renegades, not least Tommy Docherty and George Best. That must give hope to Cantona, who says: ''If it had not been for football I would have been a drop-out"."

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