06/11/2012 13:53, Report by Steve Bartram
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Fans' guide to Braga

I imagine there will be a big concentration there also. It's a big place with many bars and cafés and can cater for many fans at a very reasonable price.

What are the best ways of getting around the city?
By foot is your best bet. There are your usual city bus tours but the best way is by foot down the narrow streets or the open shopping areas. Everything is accessible and much easier to reach within a few minutes from the centre of the town.

How is the weather at the moment in Braga?
The weather is unpredictable at the best of times. At the start of October we had days touching 30 degrees and then the next week we had torrential rain. You never can tell and it's best to check the weather forecast online the day before you travel for the game.

Anything to avoid doing or areas to steer clear of?
The town is extremely safe. As with every town you have a few beggars and the matchday attrcts even more. Under no circumstances should you give any coins to them otherwise they will not leave you alone. Say no and turn away. Some Braga fans may want to swap scaves and again don't give them to the beggars as it will only encourage them to try harder. Crime in Braga is extremely low compared to other Portuguese cities but like any foreign town it's probably better not to walk around on your own at night. You can use taxis which are about 5€ (£4) to the stadium but avoid the taxis to the airport as you will be lucky to pay less than 60€ (£48). There is an excellent airport service from the bus station that costs only 8€ (£6.50) one-way or 15€ return (£12) and only takes 45 minutes.

Are the locals friendly?
Being a foreigner I would have to say that the people here are extremely friendly. I feel at home here because of the treatment that I receive on a daily basis and Braga fans do not cause trouble. The only incident I can remember is with a group of fan from Red Star Belgrade that intentionally came to cause trouble. People here are relaxed and laid back and will want to mix with the away fans the night before the game and the run up to the game on matchday. The good name of the town stands above all.

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