19/11/2012 11:14, Report by Adam Marshall
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Focus on... King

MUTV's regular feature puts United's younger players under the spotlight...

First team played for?
My first club was Romsas IL, where I grew up. It's still where I live when I go back home. They let me play with the older ones when I was young. I think I've got to thank them for all my ability and talent I've got because they let me develop from a young age.

Signed for United...
When I was 15, I changed club to Valerenga in Norway. It was in the Nike Premier Cup - after that I got loads of offers - Chelsea, Sunderland, Ipswich and a few others - to come on trial. My agent Jim [Solbakken] said United want you on trial as well and I didn't even think twice. I said 'yes' because it's the biggest club in the world. The next day, I trained with the team and had a friendly game. My mum said you've got to finish school but looked in my eyes and knew how much I wanted it. So I moved over with my mum and moved in with Magnus [Eikrem] who I didn't even know but ended up being close to.

First player you idolised...
I enjoyed watching Thierry Henry and the Brazilian Ronaldo but I wasn't a mad fan. I never really supported a club. I was growing up, just playing football and loving the game. I was watching football but never supported a team.

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Joshua King

Age: 20

Born: Oslo, Norway

Position: Striker


Premier League