07/04/2013 08:00, Report by Ben Hibbs
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Derby duels: Goalkeepers

MUTV pundit and ex-Red Alex Stepney analyses United's and City's keepers…

David De Gea
He hasn't conceded in the last six league games and that's absolutely fantastic. He has shown he has learned so much. The problem was obviously cross-balls and dead-ball situations but he's remedied that. I actually like the way he had a collision with Nemanja Vidic at Sunderland as it hasn't deterred him. He looked so strong against Chelsea. Although it wasn't a very good game, he took corners and caught them where he was punching them before. I think he's given a lot of stability back to the defence. Winning the championship would be a big boost for him. He will look back and it hurt so many people last year, and him being a keeper, but the fact is getting that title under his belt would mean, next season, he might even work his way into the No1 spot with Spain.

Anders Lindegaard
I think the Reading game would have hurt him as each goal was scored from the six-yard box. The manager brought back David and Anders has got to wait for a chance again as only one keeper can play. David has played so well that it's difficult for him to get back into the team but, when he does, he has to take his chance.

Joe Hart
He's obviously the best English goalkeeper in the Barclays Premier League. At the end of the day, he's a very good keeper and there are no two ways about that. He's made some mistakes this season but, unlike what happens here, he's come out and openly made remarks and I think it's gone against him actually. However, he's a very good goalkeeper and hard to beat.

Costel Pantilimon
He's only come in for the cup games but he's 6ft 8in or something and an awesome size. It's how they are today. He's not a bad keeper but he needs games and he's not going to get them while Hart is there. The problem for keepers if, if they make mistakes, they get crucified and the media will love that.

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