04/04/2013 08:00, Report by B Hibbs & A Bostock

Derby duels: Strikers

MUTV pundit and ex-Red Andy Ritchie analyses the Manchester derby's goal-getters…

Wayne Rooney and Sergio Aguero
In terms of goals, Rooney's starting to fire now. It hasn't been his best season but he’s still integral. City don't have a player like him with so many aspects to his game. Sergio Aguero plays off the front and likes to play on his own sometimes, but not like Rooney.

Robin van Persie and Carlos Tevez
There’s no contest, for me. Tevez was great for us here but van Persie has been amazing. You thought he might need a bit of time to settle in but he settled straightaway and his goals have been invaluable. He’s an absolutely fantastic player.

Javier Hernandez and Edin Dzeko
Dzeko doesn’t like being sub but he scores goals and he’s dangerous. Chicharito is a different striker; he’s a bundle of energy, works hard and causes problems for defenders by buzzing around them. At first, Sir Alex used him as a sub, a fantastic impact player. But he’s got better at playing 90 minutes - his all-round game has improved immensely.

Danny Welbeck
Danny has played such vital roles this season, especially in the Bernabeu, where he was magnificent and scored. He’s played more out wide than down the middle and he’s still learning. He’s a young player and he will become a better, more rounded player with experience. He’s a great outlet. He just needs more goals, but it’ll come.

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