04/08/2013 09:25, Report by Nick Coppack
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De Gea's top five saves

Rueful Ruiz
v Fulham, Craven Cottage
BA: “At the time I didn’t think he got a touch on this. I was on the bench and thought the ball hit the post. But when you watch it again you realise what a good save it was.”

Leggy at the lane
v Tottenham, White Hart Lane
BA: “He’s started to go one way and then he’s been quick enough to react and thrust out his leg and his arm – I don’t actually know what part of the body he’s saved that with – and turn it around the post. Again, though, he’d have been in similar situations in training plenty of times and in matches it comes down to instinct. I know Tottenham ended up getting a late equaliser but at that stage of the game it was a massively important save.”

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