Ronny's rocket

Watch Ronaldo's famous free-kick against Portsmouth


Recreate Ronny's rocket

A fan pulls off a brilliant imitation of Ronaldo's free-kick


Win a piece of OT turf

Find out how you could win part of the Old Trafford pitch



07/08/2013 09:14,

Recreate Ronny's goal

Have you ever wanted to own a piece of the Old Trafford pitch?

Well, we're giving you two chances to do so in the #thisisyourturf competition, delivered by DHL. For your first chance to win a piece of OT turf, all you have to do is enter the competition here.

But if you want to increase the chances of getting your hands on this brilliant and unique prize, why not try to recreate one of the best goals from the last ten years at Old Trafford. Check out the videos above to see how one fan captured his brilliant attempt at Ronaldo's free-kick against Portsmouth in 2008.

Then it's your turn...

Pick a goal - Any goal scored at Old Trafford in the last ten years.

Film it - Let's see what you've got.

Share it - Post it to Facebook, Twitter, Vine or Instagram

Tag it - Make your entry count, use the hashtags #otmoment #thisisyourturf

More: Enter the competition here


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