27/02/2013 09:17, Report by A Bostock, S Bibby

DJ Evra: I'm still no.1

Patrice Evra's ability as one of the world's best left-backs is rarely questioned - but his aptitude for playing the right tunes in the Manchester United dressing room recently came under fire.

Two of the Frenchman's team-mates, Danny Welbeck and Ashley Young, joked on camera (see the video above) whether the tempo of Pat's playlist is still up to scratch when the players are preparing for the match.

On hearing of their critique, Evra laughed: "They apologised. I gave them my evil look and they said, 'No, Pat. We'd never say that about you'. Ashley and Danny could put their iPods on the dressing room speakers but I think they would be thrown away straightaway!

"I love to pick the music before the game. I don’t just pick my music, I pick music that everyone will like. If Danny only loves hip hop music, that is his problem. I play lots of different types of music – that’s the sign of a good DJ! Ask Giggsy, he will tell you - if I don’t put my iPod on in the dressing room before games then people are not happy. In fact, if you ask 25 players, only two would complain."

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