Van Persie's volley

Watch Robin van Persie's stunning strike against Aston Villa


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04/07/2013 10:29, Report by Ben Hibbs. Video by Andy Ball

Van Persie's volley

Win a piece of turf from 25 great Old Trafford moments in the #thisisyourturf competition, delivered by DHL. Here, Robin van Persie recounts his stunner against Aston Villa…

"Wayne Rooney and I had talked about playing balls in behind the right centre-back in training. Before the game, Wayne said: 'Robin, don't forget that ball. I'll give you that ball today.' And it was the perfect pass.

"I looked up and thought: 'This ball is so nice, it's too beautiful to take a touch.' Had it been half a metre to the left or right I couldn't have hit it. Everything was perfect. My weight and my upper body were balanced so I could keep it low and my hands were forward, which helps you control your shot.

"So many things are going through your head and so many different elements need to come together. You need to take that mental picture at the right moment – too early and it's no good, too late and the moment has passed. In that instance, I'm sprinting to reach the ball, I'm looking back at the pass, I'm making sure my steps are taking me into a position where I can strike the ball first time if I want to, I'm remembering where the goal is… then I'm concentrating on the ball and making good contact. If everything comes together it's beautiful."

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