26/06/2013 08:00, Report by N Coppack, B Hibbs
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RvP: My first year

10. Derby day (Man City 2 United 3) “Wayne and I discussed what to do at the free-kick. Shoot or cross? My shot deflected off the wall past Hart. You can’t get luckier than that!”

11. Hammer blow (West Ham 2 United 2) “A late goal. Giggsy’s pass was unbelievable. I didn’t break stride. I had a good first touch and decent finish to earn a replay.”

12. Earn your Spurs (Spurs 1 United 1) “It was snowing, cold and they nicked a draw. I scored from Cleverley’s great cross, but it’s the result I remember more.”

13. Toffees broken (United 2 Everton 0) “My goal was a bit lucky to make it 2-0. It went in and we were relieved because we’d of what happened in the 4-4 draw the year before.”

14. Real deal (Real Madrid 1 United 1) “One of football’s most iconic stadiums; my first time there. We had chances to win (including me) and we needed to win really.”

15. Hard to take (United 1 Real 2) “A harsh red card for Nani. It was a blow, everything up to that moment was right. Everyone got behind us and the atmosphere was electric.”

16. Stoked to score (Stoke 0 United 2) “The lads gave me stick for my celebration but I wanted to share the moment. Sir Alex has been a joy to work with.”

17. Cheering on Spurs “I cheered for Spurs against City. Can you believe it? An ex-Arsenal player wanted Spurs to win! We knew the title was one game away.”

18. That goal (United 3 Villa 0) “It was instinct. I looked up and thought: ‘This ball is so nice. It’s too beautiful to take a touch’. Everything was exactly as I wanted it to be.”

19. Trophy time “This is for the fans, players and staff. What I really like is it’s made so many people happy. Kids, babies, women, men – they’re all so

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