25/06/2013 09:55, Report by James Tuck
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United's three amigos

Inside United sat down with team-mates and good friends Antonio Valencia, David De Gea and Javier Hernandez to get their views on an epic season...

Hello guys. So, let’s start with Antonio, how do you think he did this season?
: I think he started the season well but then was injured – you got injured, didn’t you, (to Antonio) – and so he was out for a while. Then he started out once again trying to regain form and fitness and now he’s back to his best.

JH: It was no accident last season that he was named Player of the Year, because he is fundamental to us and has made the difference in various games. He hasn’t been in such incredible form this year but as David here mentioned, he’s unfortunately been out with that injury, which affects the form of any player and can make it pretty hard to fully recover your fitness. But we all know just what a quality player Antonio is and he’s been an important player for us again, just like everyone else has really. That’s the nicest thing about this team, everyone has a place here and an important role to play. I think that Antonio is now showing that in the four years he’s been at United he has earned and consolidated his place here as a result of hard work and a lot of effort, which is now paying dividend.

JH: David, it’s your turn!

DDG: Say the right things!

JH: In an interview recently I said that, like Luis Antonio, David had to be up there with the best players in the world right now. For me he’s the best goalkeeper in the world because we all talk about development and having to go down a certain career path and, of course, at his age many people would have been scared to give him the place he’s earned for himself. But I think that this season he’s really benefitted from being given the opportunity to play on a

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