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Kitman recalls Reds no.7s

In seven words, how would describe Eric Cantona?
I only need one: iconic. There will never be another and I don't want there to be because he is a top man. He helped others, and when he was banned he was absolutely fantastic with the young lads at The Cliff. I’d like to meet up with a few of those kids that he coached and see what kind of impact he had on their lives.

How about Cristiano Ronaldo?
Ronny was Ronny, another great lad who I think a lot of. I had some good times with Ronny, he scored some fantastic goals for the club and he hasn’t slowed down since he’s gone to Spain. I’d love to see him come back here. If there’s one player you’d want to pull you out of trouble, Ronny’s the man. He did that many times for us and scored some great, great goals while he was at it.

If Cantona’s “iconic”, what word would you use for Ronaldo?

Last but not least, George Best. He played before your time as a kit man, but from your memories as a United fan, how would you describe him?
The game has changed a lot since George played but I still think he could do the business today. I idolised him and I, like thousands of others, tried to copy him when I was a kid – the haircuts, the teddy boy style and, of course, he was a fabulous player.

One word for Best?

Was he the one who started the no.7 movement?
Not for me. That was Cantona.

What’s your favourite goal you've seen from a no.7?
I’ve seen so many. One of my favourites was a header at the far post by Cantona against Tottenham Hotspur at Old Trafford – he out-jumped everybody, it went in like a rocket and it was just a great goal. I know I keep going on about

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