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Inside OT: Press box

Newspapers, too, were awash with coverage of the game the following morning, with many devoting more than half-a-dozen pages to the previous night's events. And if you switched on the radio there was little else up for discussion. An estimated 425 media professionals – journalists, cameramen, commentators, producers, engineers etc – worked tirelessly at Old Trafford on the night of the match to ensure fans around the world didn't miss anything that happened on the pitch.

That included 280 journalists, 40 photographers, 20 cameramen in fixed positions around the stadium and 30 TV commentary teams from almost 20 different countries. Even nationalities not represented on the pitch were present. Belgium, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania all sent teams to ensure they had men and women on the ground, reporting from what was, for that night at least, the epicentre of world football.

ManUtd.com and MUTV were there as well, of course. Our journalists wrote match reports, provided minute-by-minute text coverage, sent out in-game SMS updates, provided TV commentary, filmed interviews, took photographs and offered expert analysis before, during and after the match. It all made for a pretty crowded press box (indeed, on big Champions League nights the press box is extended to cater for the high demand).

Click on the image above to take a visual tour of Old Trafford's press facilities.

Inside OT: Sir Alex's matchday office | View from the top of tier 3 

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