23/03/2013 09:00, Report by Ben Hibbs

Great captains: Keane

What makes a great United captain? It's a question Manchester United Soccer Schools are asking in their Take The Lead campaign and we thought we’d try to answer it. ManUtd.com's Ben Hibbs lauds Roy Keane...

What made him a great captain? Paul Scholes said of Roy Keane recently: “Some people only seem to think about his aggressiveness and determination and the way he could drive a team on, but he also had unbelievable ability.” Keane was everything, and everywhere. Crunching tackles, and barked orders were an aggressive front to an underrated, stripped-down game. Keane controlled matches through the force of his own will but also by his ability to pick the right pass and control the tempo of a match - possessing a keen eye for detail. That said, it was his fiery determination to win that inspired team-mates and enthralled fans.

Most memorable moment? His goal against Juventus in 1999, after United went 2-0 down in the Champions League semi-final second leg, set the Reds en route to an epic 3-2 away win. A yellow card ruled him out of the final but Sir Alex described it as “the most emphatic display of selflessness on the football field I have ever seen."

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