"When Danny came to Sunderland, he knew – just as we did - that he was going to get to the top, just because of the way he was."

Michael Clegg, Sunderland strength and conditioning coach

28/03/2013 15:38, Report by Steve Bartram
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Feature: Lease of life

you’re playing below yourself - but when you realise that you're under lights, in front of cameras and playing every week, it makes you grow up quickly.”

Both Welbeck and Evans recognise the importance of their stints at the Stadium of Light. “I came back a man,” the striker has admitted on more than one occasion, while his defensive cohort has conceded: “Playing Premier League games was tremendous for me. In my second or third game (in the second loan spell), against Spurs, I was absolutely tortured by Dimitar Berbatov. I loved it. I really enjoyed it. It is a lesson you can't learn unless you are playing."

The role of Sunderland in the pair's progression is unquestioned, and gratitude is mutual between the two parties. “For a squad like us, to get these young lads who want to kick on and push, who believe that they're better than Sunderland, in a good way, it just gives everyone else a lift,” says Clegg.

“With Jonny, Danny - and Danny Rose, who is on loan from Tottenham at the moment - none of them saw Sunderland as the pinnacle of their career. That really pushes themselves to kick on and inspires the people around them. The qualities they brought to the club were different class and it’s no surprise to us to see how far they’ve gone. Nobody doubted that they would kick on; it was their destiny.”

This article first appeared in United Review, the official matchday programme.

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