26/05/2013 09:40, Report by Adam Bostock

Scholes' midfield five

Paul Scholes was a master craftsman for Manchester United for almost 20 years - but which fellow central midfielders, past or present, does he admire? Here are his top five, and a video of them in action...

Bryan Robson "I loved watching him when I was growing up. He could defend and head the ball away, then get up the other end to score goals. He had everything and could do everything a midfield player has to do."

Patrick Vieira "He was in the Roy Keane mould, another great leader and a player who could do everything. Not quite as good as Roy, obviously! But he was a top midfielder and difficult to play against; big, strong, athletic, and he had the longest legs in the world!"

Roy Keane "Some people only seem to think about his aggressiveness and determination, the way he could drive a team on, but he also had unbelievable ability, for example in his passing to the forwards. He could score a goal as well."

Andres Iniésta "Iniesta and Xavi are both a joy to watch - but not to play against. Of the two, Iniesta probably goes past opponents a little bit more."

Xavi "He is a similar player to Iniesta, but Xavi controls the game more with his one-twos."

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