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Saha: Life after United

Louis Saha scored 42 goals in 124 appearances in five seasons at Old Trafford and, although by the time he left Manchester there was a feeling that his undoubted potential had not been fulfilled due to injuries, his capabilities were undeniable. Now retired, he met MUTV to discuss life after United and says he has no regrets...

You're now working with French television covering football, what have you made to United's start to the season?
It's been a difficult start, and it's transition time with a new manager and a new style. It might take time, maybe even a year or two years to bring the best out of the team and bring new players and a new style of tactics and pressing too. Things are going to get better, I'm sure of that.

One of the players David Moyes has brought into the team is Adnan Januzaj...
[Shakes head in amazement] Yeah, he's a real talent. When you look at his face you don't believe that he is as fearless as he is. He is a little boy, but he has so much quality and he is really comfortable taking on any player. He's a great talent for United and I'm sure he's going to be one of the club's real talents for the future.

Januzaj has played on the left so far but could end up playing in the no.10 role...
Yeah, I think David Moyes has to find the way of playing some of his players, like Marouane Fellaini and Adnan. Some players have to find the position where they can be efficient or effective for all of the game. The great thing about United is they have the players, and they can make it work for the squad.

There are rumours you're going to play in India...
I like to discover new things. If I could help launch another league, I would be happy to discuss that. At the same time, things have to be clear with me and I will think about it, that is for sure. India is something that would be exotic.

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