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Saha: Life after United

Who was the best player you played with?
Zinedine Zidane was always the one that was most impressive. Sometimes you would forget that you were playing a game and say, 'Wow, I have to stop watching him'! But United is always a place that you witness players from another planet too - Ronaldo, Rooney, Roy Keane... playing with those players was a privilege.

Do you wish you'd played alongside Zidane more often with France?
Definitely. A few times I got called into the French national team and I was injured. I missed maybe 20 caps because of that. I missed the final of a World Cup [in 2006] because I got a yellow card in the semi-final against Portugal which meant I missed the final. I chopped both of Luis Figo's legs. I wanted to prove I could play so much that I got excited and got a second yellow card. I maybe played 40 minutes in the tournament. It wasn't for me to play the final, I was really sad.

You missed playing in a Champions League final two years later too...
That Champions League final [in 2008] was tough for me because you can't do anything about it. For France, I got a yellow card and could say, 'Yeah, I was stupid'. I was trying to support the boys as much as I could. But the injury [for United] was an opportunity to achieve something else after what happened two years before. I couldn't understand why it was happening. Missing the Champions League final was the hardest one.

But did you enjoy your career?
Absolutely. I'd wish young players would get the same experiences I did. I had some lows but I had some really good highs.

On your website you give advice to young players, is that important to you?
I try to give advice. One thing Sir Alex always said was, 'I'm not just a coach, I'm trying to help people improve as people'. I liked that.

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